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Technologic High-Flyer Technology with Sensibility, Human-like Devices

Anmicron System Co., Ltd. runs a domestic business in Cheonan and an overseas business in Vietnam, and is striving to secure technology and cost competitiveness and to be a leader in the field of automation equipment through continuous R&D and investment.

[Management Principles]

  • Righteousness Management

    Management in conformity
    with principles
    and standards

  • Respect for Person

    Management that helps
    people grow

  • Responsibilities
    and Liabilities

    Management that keeps
    the faith

  • Company Name
    Anmicron System Co., Ltd
  • CEO
    An, Hea-tae
  • Date of Establishment
    July 2015
  • Business Type
    Manufacturing of semiconductor automation equipment
  • Location of Main Office
    109, Wangji 1-gil, Seonghwan-eup, Cheonan-si, Korea
  • Business Line
    Manufacturing of OLED/LCD automation equipment
Financial Information at the end of 2020

Financial Information as of the end of December 2020

(Unit: KRW million, person)

Total asset: 17,183

Total capital: 7,673

Sales: 13,382

Business profits: 1,190

Employees: 45